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Health Group Deplores Double Standards

Health Alliance for Democracy (HEAD)
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Media Release

22 April 2010

Health Alliance for Democracy deplored the double standards of the Philippine justice system in the handling of the Maguindanao massacre suspects. The group was reacting to the Department of Justice decision to drop multiple murder charges against two members of the Ampatuan clan involved in the heinous Maguindanao massacre.

“The DOJ virtually absolved the Ampatuans despite overwhelming evidence,” said Dr. Geneve Rivera, HEAD secretary-general, “Yet it allowed the inquest of the 43 health workers even without any legal counsel and the filing of criminal cases despite the questionable evidence.”

“The rights of the detained so freely being given to the Ampatuans are the very same right being denied the Morong 43.”

The health group noted that even behind bars, the Ampatuans enjoyed so much privileges because the Arroyo government was only too willing to bend over backwards to accommodate its political allies.

In contrast, the families and relatives of the Morong 43 have to go through a military gauntlet every day when they visit the 43 health workers in Camp Capinpin. Even the food and water that they bring are examined and sometimes, are rendered unusable.

“When the Morong 43 were brought to Camp Crame, the Philippine National Police refused to take them into custody, citing a lack of facilities. Yet when the Ampatuans were brought to Manila, the Arroyo government built facilities to house them.”

“Worse, officials of the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology even allowed a press conference to be held by the Ampatuans even while in jail!” said Dr. Rivera. “Now, these BJMP officials are harking on human rights to justify their actions.”

Very differently, the Morong 43 are denied even light and water in their detention cells. They are now on their sixth day of fasting to demand their immediate release if not transfer to Camp Crame.”

“Are human rights now only the privilege of the powerful?”

“Baliktad na talaga ang mundo (The world has really turned upside-down),” added Dr. Rivera. “The DOJ, PNP, BJMP, and Armed Forces of the Philippines are all instruments of injustice, allowing criminals to go scot-free while punishing the innocent. They are tools of the fascist Arroyo regime that has enforced the worst forms of repression against the Filipino people in recent history.”###


Dr. Geneve E. Rivera
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Dr. Darby S. Santiago
Chair, 0927 473 7700

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Your cops are the icon of Philippines now. We saw it on youtube and tele and their rescure mission are an international JOKE . No tourists will trust your cops anymore. The world will deeply remember your cops of acts for a whole life and forever. Me and my many friends will not go to your country and your people gave us a very bad image.