Thursday, August 18, 2005


18 August 2005

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GABRIELA Women's Party Representative Liza Largoza Maza criticized today proposals to give Mrs. Arroyo emergency powers as a formula for dictatorship.

"This emergency power could be abused by the administration not to control oil prices but to control critics and dissenters. It could be used not to manage the oil crisis but to maneuver a prolonged Arroyo leadership in the midst of this political crisis. Giving Mrs. Arroyo emergency powers while the question of the legitimacy of her leadership still hangs only means Martial Rule," said Maza.

The lady solon insisted that the imposition of price control mechanisms as well as the repeal of the oil deregulation law is all that is necessary for the government to arrest oil price increases and bring down oil prices by as much as P3.68 per liter. "These are urgent measures that the government should implement in the midst of increasing oil prices."

Maza cited a study made by think-tank IBON Foundation revealing that from while pump prices should have increased only by P6.91 per liter from 2000 to 2004, an increase of P10.59 per liter have been recorded. IBON's estimate takes into consideration the peso-dollar exchange rate and Dubai crude prices.

"Once the oil deregulation is repealed, government can easily arrest the overpricing being committed by major oil players by keeping oil prices at minimum levels," said Maza as she lashed out on all giants who continue to amass huge profits at the expense of ordinary consumers.

Maza sought the immediate passage of House Bill 1065—An Act Repealing RA 8479: Downstream Oil Deregulation Act of 1998 and House Bill 3219 which seeks to include LPG and kerosene in the list of basic necessities in the Price Act.

"More than a small-scale energy conservation program that will again place the burden of managing oil consumption to ordinary, individual consumers, a measure that is of a larger scale such as the repeal of the oil deregulation law is imperative in the face of skyrocketing world oil prices. Giving the public immediate relief should be a priority."#

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