Thursday, April 21, 2005

Summary Points on Rehab Leave and Related Benefits

Notes: The following are summaries of points agreed upon by the Systemwide Ad Hoc Committee to Study Rehabilitation Leave (and Related Benefits) for Job Related Injuries during its last meeting today, April 21, 2005, 9:30 AM at the UP Manila Board. Recommendations of the Committee will be forwarded to the Office of President Emerlinda Roman for consideration by the EXECOM and of the BOR.

The present Ad Hoc Committee was already the second created, after the first committee formed on October 16, 2003 failed to came up with a substantial recommendation. It was created in response to Section 2, Article X of the Collective Negotiation Agreement (CNA) executed on April 19, 2002 between UP and the All UP Workers Union.
  1. The Rehabilitation Leave with pay up to six months (to include monthly salary and ACA/PERA) shall cover all employees sector and all position levels. It shall also include expenses for transportation and immediate medical treatment for work-related injuries and diseases that shall be borne-out by the University.
  2. Each Constituent University/Campus shall establish a commmunications hotline so that a University Official capable of deciding on necessary immediate assistance to an employees who suffered an accident or injuries in line of duty will be readily available.
  3. It must be noted that all throughout the UP System, only employees of the Philippine General Hospital has been enjoying the rehabilitation leave with pay (without assistance for transportation and immediate medical expenses) provided under CSC Memorandum Circular No. 41 s. of 1988 prompting the Union to include said benefit in the CNA Negotiation, to add more weight in its implementation.
  4. The List of Occupational and Compensable Diseasese prescribed by the Employees Compensation Commission shall be used in determining those covered for service-related illnesses. In such case, records in the Employees Clinic for Employment and Annual Physical Examinations will be immensely utilized to determine whether a disease condition is work-related or not. Note: For UP Manila/PGH Employees, it was already established that all laboratory and radiologic examinations that are available in PGH shall be available to both UP Manila/PGH employees chargeable against UP Manila/PGH and not to individual employees.

Corollary issue of increasing government contributions to the SIF from P30 to P100 per employee per month (Per ECC Board Resolution No. 02-04-235 s. 2002 and GSIS Board Resolution No. 166 s. 2004) will be closely monitored by the Union so that such adjust ment will be included in the 2006 Budget Proposal of UP (General Fund).

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