Thursday, September 23, 2004


"News about Garcia's wanton use of our funds is no longer a surprise to us. But Malacanang's silence in this obvious display of profligacy amidst its tough talk on sacrifice and belt tightening is appalling".This was the statement of Ferdinand R. Gaite, COURAGE National President on GSIS President and General Manager Winston Garcia's over P5 million cash advances.

In an interview, the leader said the 1.4 million government employees have long called for an investigation and prosecution of Garcia's excessive salaries and perks, and his abuse of the pension fund but these has fallen on deaf ears. The fund members' protests even went as far as calling for Garcia's ouster in 2002 but instead, President Arroyo retained Garcia further bolstering their claim of a possible collusion between Garcia and Gloria. "For why would President Arroyo retain Garcia other than the fact that both are benefiting from each other. And we're not just talking of the Cebu votes here but the siphoning of our funds to bankroll Gloria's Presidential bid. It's about time that Congress investigates not just the salaries and perks of Garcia and other GSIS officials but also order the auditing of the funds of the GSIS and all the questionable investments and policies of the GSIS".

Gaite also criticized the other officials of the GSIS who defended Garcia. "What do you expect from these officials but to save their own kind. They are not just toying with our funds but are splurging it as if these were their own money. They have completely betrayed the trust of the GSIS members". He went further and stressed, "What competence or integrity they are talking about? The purchase of Juan Luna's painting "Parisian Life" which took Php50.6 million from our fund and was eventually disallowed by the Commission on Audit, or the Php1 billion used to finance the Pres. Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard? No amount of reason can justify their windfalls amidst the pitiful benefits and services the fund members are receiving. It is simply criminal to bleed dry the fund which came from our blood and sweat!"

COURAGE also laugh at Garcia's statement of voluntarily giving up Php160,000 of his monthly take home pay of Php200,000. The group claimed, "It wont hurt him a bit because mas malaki ang sinasahod nya kaysa sa sweldo" in obvious reference to Garcia's discretionary fund, cash advances and other perks which amounts to millions. COURAGE launched a nationwide rally of employees today, September 23 where thousands of government employees shall take part. They however assured the public that services will not be affected because they also considered it and ensured that there will be employees left at the frontline of services. #

Note: The All UP Workers Union Manila is one with COURAGE in condemning MalacaƱang's silence to the mess that was happening in the GSIS. The gall of these people to mess with "our fund." Mga tinamaan sila ng lintik!!! Pera natin yun na inilalaan para sa matinding pangangailangan at pagreretiro - tagapangalaga lamang sila at wala silang karapatang lustayin ang ating mga pinaghirapan!!!

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walang nang daming satsat! patayin si Garcia!!!